Presbyterian Women Celebration Giving Representative

Celebration Giving Representative

A new position on the leadership team of Presbyterian Women, Celebration Giving Representative (CGR), has been developed by the Churchwide Coordinating Team (CCT) to interpret the giving opportunities of Presbyterian Women and encourage participation in Celebration Giving. Celebration Giving Representatives are needed to represent PW at each level—congregational, presbytery, synod and churchwide. This new position was approved at the Churchwide Business Meeting of PW in July 2009.

Basic Function
Interpret the giving opportunities of Presbyterian Women and encourage participation in Celebration Giving (which includes Mission Pledge, Birthday and Thank Offerings, Memorial/Recognition Gifts, Honorary Life Membership, Together in Service, Fellowship of the Least Coin and Widening of the Circle Endowment Fund).

Responsibilities at the congregational, presbytery, synod and churchwide levels

• Interpret Celebration Giving programs and provide interpretive material at PW events

• Develop Celebration Giving presentations and displays for PW gatherings/training events

• Help to identify Celebration Giving Representatives in congregations, presbyteries and/or synod (as appropriate) and work with them on a continual basis.

• Contact local congregations/presbyteries/synod to provide resources and assist with interpretation and campaigns for Mission Pledge (May–November), Thank Offering (July–December) and Birthday Offering (January–May)

• Actively seek opportunities to educate PW supporters about financial needs and generate ideas to encourage increased giving

• Educate and work closely with moderators, treasurers and Celebration Giving Representatives at all levels

• Work collaboratively with PW Funds Development staff

Skills required

• Leadership (as evidenced by current or past leadership positions)

• Communication (electronic, written, verbal)

• Listening

• Enthusiasm


 • Familiar with PW and PW funding streams

• Knowledgeable about the programs funded through Celebration Giving donations

• Willingness to be an educator

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  1. Monika, Thanks for your inquiry. Typically giving results for each year are published in the Mission Pledge packets, distributed to congregational, presbytery and synod leaders in August. This gives the auditors enough time to review the financials. If you would like preliminary results, please contact Jen Lenard-Benson, funds development associate, at 888/728-7228, ext. 5308, or, and she would be happy to discuss giving results in more detail with you.

    by Yvonne Hileman

    March 15, 2012

  2. Where would I find the following information? PW Contributions in 2011: Mission Pledge Birthday Offering Thankoffering

    by Monika Robinson

    March 11, 2012

  3. The Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC), started in 1956 by Shanti Solomon, has always been a prayer movement, without emphasis on the amount of money collected by women offering their country's least coin (in the U.S., a penny) for each time they pray for peace, justice, and reconciliation among families and communities worldwide. As a result, the FLC does not publicize the amount of money collected. You can, however, view the 2009 FLC Grants awarded in the November/December 2009 issue of Horizons magazine (pp. 16-17).

    by Patricia Longfellow

    September 27, 2010

  4. How much money was given by Presbytery women through the Least Coin offering? Can be approx and in any recent year. Also, what does this offering support? Thanks for you assistance.

    by Bob Undercuffler

    September 4, 2010