Presbyterian Women logo flier

The Presbyterian Women logo flier provides interpretation of the symbols in the PW logo within the context of the PW purpose.

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  1. The original PW logo was designed by Sally Abbotts of Michigan. I spoke with her this afternoon and Sally said the blue is the "Presbyterian blue" that is found in the PC(USA) symbol, Presbyterian hymnal, etc. In Sally's original design, the circle was a gold chain, broken at the bottom to symbolize "Freed in Christ." The symbol was updated in 1999 to facilitate photocopying, and yellow was used to replace the gold. Thanks for your question! Patricia L. (Presbyterian Women staff)

    by Presbyterian Women

    August 19, 2010

  2. I love the logo and all that it represents. I do, however, have an unrelated concern. Was wondering why the official "colors" for Presbyterian Women are blue & white ? Why blue ? Lillian (Moderator-Cedar Park Presbyterian)

    by Mrs. Lillian Clarke

    July 20, 2010