PW Quarterly Newsletter (Fourth Quarter: September 2010–January 2011)

PW Quarterly Newsletter highlights recent news from Presbyterian Women at the churchwide level. Find information from the committees of the Churchwide Coordinating Team, details about new resources, highlights of conferences and events, and what’s on the horizon for Presbyterian Women.

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  1. Hi Pam, we're glad you want to share the PW Quarterly Newsletter with all the PW in Mississippi, and here are a couple of suggestions from our web team: 1) The e-mail share option is only meant to be used to send to one or a few people. Some of the other options (like Facebook) are better for sharing with large groups; 2) You can copy and paste the web address and use it in a regular email that you would send to your group. Hope this helps!

    by Patricia Longfellow

    December 9, 2010

  2. I really appreciate the opportunity to share the quarterly mailing with others; however I want to share it with ALL the PW in Mississippi. I have groups of people on my e-mail and cannot access them in the one little box you provide. Is there any way you can let me access my address book so I can send this out to everyone?

    by Pam McDonald, Moderator

    December 4, 2010