Records Retention Policy for Inquirer/Candidate Files


WORKING COMMIITEE DOCUMENTS: During the course of the Committee on Preparation's multi-year oversight of inquirers/candidates for ordination as Minister of Word and Sacrament (under provisions of the Book of Order 0-14.0300), a substantial number of papers, letters, documents, reports and similar documents are generated in the Committee's file on each person under the Presbytery's care. All such records are on-going, working, ecclesiastical records of the Presbytery of Redstone, and copies of substantially all of such documents regularly are provided to the inquirer/candidate concurrently with the document being generated. Some such documents include copies of Book of Order mandated psychological reports, copies of seminary grades, and copies of Ordination Ex:lInination scores, all of which documents were provided to the Committee upon the prior written consent of the person under care. In addition, the working file may consist of annual plans of inquirers/candidates, summaries of annual performance against plans, letters of recommendation, schedules of meetings, reports of Committee actions and suggestions, and so forth. The volume of each such record can be substantial.

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