RELUFA Subnational Revenue Report

The exploitation of natural resources in Cameroon generates significant revenue for the government, which should permit the government to invest in the development of the country and the wellbeing of its people. However, the exploitation of natural resources often carries with it negative consequences for local communities living within the areas of exploitation. Local communities are often frustrated when they see “their” resources disappear, their lives destroyed and no concrete improvements in their standard of living.  Recognizing the frustrations held by local communities, the Cameroonian Government provides a royalty at the local level to promote social and economic development.  If managed properly, these royalties could boost community development.  Conversely, more often, these royalties are mismanaged and fail to translate into real improvements in the living conditions of those communities, as well as fail to develop local infrastructure.  This was the case with the forestry sector in Cameroon, the first government sector to use such royalties as a means of investing national natural resource revenues at local levels.

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