'Sacraments and Seasons,' Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts 43.3

By Marney A. Wasserman

To wonder, as this article proposes to do, about the relationship between sacraments and seasons, is to encounter a whole host of questions about color and texture and meaning, about the words and the signs of our sacramental celebrations, as we enact them through the full cycle of the liturgical calendar. Is the Lord’s Supper in any way different when the table is draped in purple instead of in green? Should it be? Does a baptism celebrated on Easter take on a different meaning in congregational experience than one in October? Is that a good thing? Might there be some reason to use a different kind of bread, because it’s Advent? Or to set the dates for baptism by the church’s seasons, rather than by the family calendars of those seeking to be baptized? We could do some fruitful wondering about these and other related questions. There may be sacramental implications embedded in the church’s cycle of seasons that are worth our exploring. We may discover both possibilities and pitfalls in a sacramental practice that varies with the liturgical calendar. What do the church’s seasons have to bring to the celebration of its sacraments?

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  1. I'm a lay pastor (ALP) who was asked to do a sermon on the Presbyterian Seasonal colors and sacraments, etc. This article will be very helpful. Thanks so much. Alice King

    by Alice King

    September 30, 2011