Scripture verses to memorize

It is good to store up the treasure of scripture in our hearts by memorizing it.  The following verses are those that are especially cherished by the church and thereby worthy of the discipline of committing them to memory.  However, it is important to note that just memorizing isolated verses is insufficient for faith formation.  These verses live within larger contexts that are important to note as well. 

This is by no means an exhaustive or exclusive list.  These were chosen to have a sense of the whole of God’s good news in scripture.  You will no doubt have your own favorites you will want to add. 

You may also make a game of these, weighting longer and more difficult passages with more points or assigning them to adults, while reserving other scriptures for children.  

These are from the New Revised Standard Verson as written, unless clarification is needed for meaning, at which point any changed words are indicated in brackets.  Any omissions of words are indicated by ellipses.  

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