We Believe - Professing Our Faith: A Confirmation Curriculum Sample Package

Professing Our Faith seeks to provide youth with a foundational understanding of our faith, tradition, and Presbyterian practices. It will be added to the We Believe line of Younger Youth survey courses. This “sampler” includes the Scope and Sequence of the full curriculum as well as a preview of the first session of the Leader’s Guide and Student’s Notebook.

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  1. pcusa.org/cmpcatalog is the address for curriculum. Your specific products are at http://www.pcusastore.com/Products/623008/professing-our-faith-a-confirmation-curriculum-teachers-book.aspx

    by Malinda Spencer

    May 23, 2016

  2. How do I buy copies of the Student's Notebook for the "Professing Our Faith" curriculum? I cannot seem to access it on "Shop the Store" tab. Thank you.

    by Rev. Ann Akers

    May 21, 2016