The Work of Our Hands, Reframing the Reformer: A New Portrait of John Calvin

Reprinted from Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts,  43.1.
In this article artist Kelly Rider describes the process of designing a new portrait of John Calvin.

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  1. We don't know much about Calvin's conversion experience (sometime in his early twenties), but he says this in his preface to the commentary on Psalms: "God by a sudden conversion subdued and brought my mind to a teachable frame, which was more hardened in such matters than might have been expected from one at my early period of life. Having thus received some taste and knowledge of true godliness, I was immediately inflamed with so intense a desire to make progress therein, that although I did not altogether leave off other studies, yet I pursued them with less ardor."

    by David Gambrell

    August 3, 2011

  2. We are having a World Religions class at our United Methodist church and this week we studied Presbyterians. The question came up about a statement that said John Calvin had a conversion experience when he was in his 20's, and we would like to know what it was, Thank you for any information you can provide

    by Rusty Merrill

    August 1, 2011