Information Technology Support Services (IT)

The Information Technology Support Services office provides supports for all applications, systems, and hardware (PC’s, Macs, phones, printers, etc.) used by employees of PCUSA.  The department is responsible for maintaining and supporting an onsite data center and physical building-wide network.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Maintaining and updating of servers and equipment in the onsite PC(USA) data center, networking

equipment throughout the PC(USA) Center, and providing and managing several cloud-based systems (most notably Office 365).

2.     Provide helpdesk and desktop support services for the most agencies and ministry areas

3.     Provide I.T. equipment ordering and account reconciliation services for the majority of agencies and ministry areas

4.    Provide telecommunications (desk phones, cell phones, and Internet access) and video conferencing support and services.

5.    Provide cybersecurity protection using several I.T. systems and ongoing cybersecurity training to all employees.