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Better Together provides a space to share experiences with – and strategies for engaging – three critical global issues that PC(USA) global partners are challenging us to address together as the body of Christ.  These three issues are 1) addressing root causes of poverty, especially as it impacts women and children; 2) sharing the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ; and 3) working for reconciliation in cultures of violence, including our own.  The purpose of Better Together is to feed a conversation to shape concrete action strategies at the October 2012 “Dallas II: Better Together” consultation and beyond. 

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October 3, 2012

Follow Along from Home!

Unfortunately, it was too cost-prohibitive to live stream the event over the internet. However, that has not stopped us from providing several ways to follow along, whether from your home, office, or mobile device! Full details can be found here, but the rundown is as follows:

  1. Dallas II Friday
  2. Dallas II Saturday
  3. Dallas II Sunday

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