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Better Together provides a space to share experiences with – and strategies for engaging – three critical global issues that PC(USA) global partners are challenging us to address together as the body of Christ.  These three issues are 1) addressing root causes of poverty, especially as it impacts women and children; 2) sharing the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ; and 3) working for reconciliation in cultures of violence, including our own.  The purpose of Better Together is to feed a conversation to shape concrete action strategies at the October 2012 “Dallas II: Better Together” consultation and beyond. 

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October 5, 2012

Dallas II Kicks-Off!

The time has finally arrived, and with only minor travel hiccups, 200+ Presbyterians, global partners, and mission personnel have gathered together in Dallas for the second Mission Consultation. At the first one, those who had gathered together discussed what mission priorities the PC(USA) should focus on, coming up with the three Critical Global Issues. Now, the goal is to come together, to join our voices, spirits and experiences, and discern concrete strategies which will enable us all to more effectively reach out in mission and proclamation.

Hunter Farrell called us together, reminding us of the rich tradition of history the Presbyterian Church has in mission, along with our global partners. "Presbyterians have always worked hard at collaborating together...We know that at our best we realized it was not our mission but God's mission."

We then continued to open in worship, led by Rev. Corey Nelson. Singing songs of faith from multiple countries, we joined our voices in a joyful spirit. Listening to the Word of God speaking within each of us, we engaged the Great Commission (Matthew 28) in Lectio Divina, ultimately sharing at table groups how we felt the Spirit moving in our hearts and leading us into mission.

"We will be leaning on God's Spirit this weekend, and I realize this may be anxiety producing in some of us." Hunter continued. "I encourage you to be open to the Spirit, even in our anxiety. It will lead us to a good and faithful place."

Stay tuned for more updates on the Mission Consultation. Details of how to follow along and engage from home can be found here.

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