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Brian Frick is the Associate for Camp and Conferences Ministries with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He has been involved in camp and conference ministry since high school. For the past ten years, Brian has served as program director of Johnsonburg Center in New Jersey, Westminster Woods in California, and Heartland Center in Missouri.

Camp and conference ministry compliments and partners with other ministry aspects of our church to foster faith development and reflection. As our communities and our church changes, our ministries need to grow and adapt with creative and emergent programming and leadership to meet new realities.

These blogs entries, though varied, are intended to spur thought and conversation around the opportunities and challenges before us.

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May 7, 2010

New Certificate at McCormick Seminary that may interest your summer staffCertificate at McCormick Seminary on Certificate in Environmental Ministry

As our summer staff begin to arrive, I believe we have an obligation not only to mentor them as they share their faith and keep campers safe and excited, but also to share future opportunities with them to continue to follow God's call in their lives.  We can also share these opportunities with our pastors and church leaders who are invested in summer camp as well as those staff and alumni enrolled in, or considering a seminary education.

Here is a new Certificate in Environmental Ministries you might share.

McCormick Continuing Education


McCormick Offers Certificate in Environmental Ministry and Leadership


CHICAGO—Beginning in August of 2010, McCormick Theological Seminary will be offering the Certificate in Environmental Ministry and Leadership in partnership with Faith in Place (, a Chicago-based organization educating faith communities about clean energy and sustainable farming.

The certificate program takes an interactive, cross-disciplinary approach to the faith and environment conversation, leveraging Faith in Place’s experience with a number of innovative ecological initiatives and McCormick’s expertise in leadership development for a variety of ministry settings.

Designed for pastors and leaders of religious and nonprofit institutions seeking to integrate ecological justice and care for God’s world into their communities and core missions, the program consists of a series of two and one-half day sessions held at McCormick’s Hyde Park campus on Chicago’s South Side. Sessions are scheduled for August and October of 2010, and February and May of 2011.

For more information on the Certificate in Environmental Ministry and Leadership, visit


About McCormick Theological Seminary

An important part of Chicago’s religious life since its move to the city in 1859, McCormick Theological Seminary prepares women and men for Christian ministry, advancing a model of education that is urban, cross-cultural, ecumenical and Reformed. McCormick is one of 12 schools related to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and is an accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) and is affiliated with the University of Chicago, the Hyde Park Cluster of Theological Schools and the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS). Visit McCormick’s Web site at for more information on its programs, faculty, educational events and resources.

About Faith in Place

Faith in Place gives religious people tools to become better stewards of Creation. Since 1999 Faith in Place has worked with over 600 congregations to conserve energy, incorporate renewable technology, support local and sustainable farming, educate young people, increase advocacy for sound environmental policies from the faith community, and much more. Based in Chicago, Faith in Place now also has an office in Central Illinois.