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Brian Frick is the Associate for Camp and Conferences Ministries with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He has been involved in camp and conference ministry since high school. For the past ten years, Brian has served as program director of Johnsonburg Center in New Jersey, Westminster Woods in California, and Heartland Center in Missouri.

Camp and conference ministry compliments and partners with other ministry aspects of our church to foster faith development and reflection. As our communities and our church changes, our ministries need to grow and adapt with creative and emergent programming and leadership to meet new realities.

These blogs entries, though varied, are intended to spur thought and conversation around the opportunities and challenges before us.

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September 12, 2012

A Growing Church is a Dying Church

The Road to Easter goes through Good Friday

Tree Filtering Light

Let in a little light...

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Where is says "Church," insert "Camp/Conference Center" and where it says "Pastor," insert "Camp Director" and where it says "members," insert "participants/alumni/campers" as appropriate.
Does it ring true?  How do we grow into what we are to become if we don't allow what was to die?  How can there be new light to let the ministry serve the new generation and the 'unchurched/camped," if the established trees (alumni/campers) won't let go of power and tradition to make way and welcome new direction?
Where are we headed?  I don't know.
Is the Spirit moving?  Yes - if we acknowledge It and let It in to guide and influence us.
It is scary to get out of the way and let go so something new can grow?  Yes.
When I was struggling, my mom used to always say "Let go and Let God."  I had no idea what that meant but I think I do now.
Let go of the control and tradition and leave room to welcome God to do new things amongst us.

"Don't be cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss. 

Great change and renewal will come from camp and conferences but we need to be the first to let change and renewal in.
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