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Brian Frick is the Associate for Camp and Conferences Ministries with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He has been involved in camp and conference ministry since high school. For the past ten years, Brian has served as program director of Johnsonburg Center in New Jersey, Westminster Woods in California, and Heartland Center in Missouri.

Camp and conference ministry compliments and partners with other ministry aspects of our church to foster faith development and reflection. As our communities and our church changes, our ministries need to grow and adapt with creative and emergent programming and leadership to meet new realities.

These blogs entries, though varied, are intended to spur thought and conversation around the opportunities and challenges before us.

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December 21, 2009

Common Soul/Sole (CS2) - Mentoring Disciples at Calvin Center in Georgia

Rec2 I was so excited this past week visiting Martha Miller in the office of Vocation at GAMC/OGA!  Just catching up with a friend is exciting but when she told me that this story was featured on her ministry web page!  Wow!  This is the sort of story that should be shared and shouted out loud.  Our Church providing hands on training and vocational discernment to our young adults!  And other ministries of our Church hearing about the program and wanting to know more about how to connect and support it.
That's what a jewel we have in our camp/conference centers - gifts of space, staff and program that are flexible "classrooms" that will lead our Presbyterian Church(USA) into a bright and exciting future! 
Right on Calvin Center, right on Myra Miller, and right on Martha.  Let's make more of these programs blossom.
(below is an except from the story - the whole story is here Common Soul/Soul (CS2)

Common Soul/Sole

Common Soul/Sole is an opportunity for young adults to live and work in an intentional Christian community.  A program of Calvin Center, a ministry of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, Common Soul/Sole lasts from September through May. During these months, participants cover everything from program to housekeeping, office management, maintenance, promotion and food service. Common Soul/Sole also links with local congregations in their ministry to members and the community.
The following article was written by Myra Miller, Common Soul/Sole Class of 2010.

A Common Journey

First days are always hard. The fear of the unknown, insecurities that build up and those tricky first impressions all contribute to the difficulty involved in the first days. Irrational questions bombard my brain. I ask myself, “what will they think of me, did I dress okay, what if I do or say the wrong things, and most of all: How on earth did I end up here?”

Six months ago I was safely tucked away in the compounds of a college where as a student I was securely wrapped up in my own world. As I was driving to Hampton, Georgia, on my first day of the new Common Soul/Sole experience waves of nervousness were splashing inside of me.

Surprisingly, before my hysteria ran away with my sanity, I entered Calvin Center grounds and I felt a calming sensation. Similar to a sanctuary or a temple, some places have a sacred aura which is soothing to the spirit. The tranquility of the location and the instant warmth of Calvin Center staff calmed me instantly.

Make me glad to be one of a kind, yet one with a kind.”1

Feeling the pull between soul-searching and connecting with the world around me can leave me feeling like I have been chopped up and thrown into a blender on the highest speed. Working, serving and living at Calvin Center has helped me to turn down the blender a notch and work on balancing and exploring my gifts to share with the world.

Called not to be more like others, but more of a guerrilla of grace.2

The meaning of these words written by Ted Loder, a Methodist minister, baffled me until recently. Common Soul reminds me every day that every person’s journey is different but along the way we have to be fierce yet tender with our faith. If I had to peg a theme or quote for my experience of Common Soul/Sole then Loder’s quote seems to encompass it.

December 16, 2009

Experiencing God in Wilderness

I found this in another blog and it so moved me, I wanted to share it here. It really hit the nail on the head for me in a way I could share with others in a way that did...

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December 8, 2009

Good friend!

Yes this is the second link to the this month but Byron Wade is great people and we really enjoyed having him with us at the Camp and Conference leaders gathering at Ferncliff (PCCCA Annual Conference, November 2009) So...

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December 8, 2009


I'm hooked. We're all hooked. But why? Beef, it's what's for dinner. I can't deny a juicy steak, medium rare with a baked potato makes my stomach smile. (a lot!) However, when it comes down to it, it's usually the...

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December 4, 2009

Is being Presbyterian > being Christian?

Not a blog post from me but a point to a great statement, conversation on Byron Wade's blog. I hope you read it! (I'm sure there is another way to track back to this post, maybe I'll learn that...

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