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Brian Frick is the Associate for Camp and Conferences Ministries with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He has been involved in camp and conference ministry since high school. For the past ten years, Brian has served as program director of Johnsonburg Center in New Jersey, Westminster Woods in California, and Heartland Center in Missouri.

Camp and conference ministry compliments and partners with other ministry aspects of our church to foster faith development and reflection. As our communities and our church changes, our ministries need to grow and adapt with creative and emergent programming and leadership to meet new realities.

These blogs entries, though varied, are intended to spur thought and conversation around the opportunities and challenges before us.

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March 13, 2012

Worshipping Community at Westminster Woods

Breathing New Life Into Worship Out at "The Woods"

Camps and Conferences (or if you prefer, Centers for Mission and Ministry) have long provided a powerful venue for faith formation and leadership development for young adults through the summer camping programs. A new worshipping community forms each year at our sites for up to 10 weeks each summer - intense faith and fellowship formation for young adults. The challenge is how to extend that worshipping community year-round. Westminster Woods, Occidental, CA has found a way to do that. Please take a moment to read the new post on the Presbyterian News Service highlighting this new ministry of Westminster Woods. It's brand new (less than 6 months old) and is already attracting up to 50 participants each month who drive as far as 2 hours to be there. What a witness to the desire of young adults to be faithful and remain in a Christ centered community.

February 9, 2012

A Faith of Their Own

Helping Youth Have a Faith of Their Own The fact that youth participate in church less as they get older and often are not present in church as young adults can lead church leaders to assume they lack religious interest. A new book growing out of the National Study of Youth and Religion challenges that assumption. Sociologists Lisa Pearce and Melinda Lundquist Denton found that older teens and young adults see great significance in religion though not always in institutional forms of religious life.

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January 3, 2012

Healthcare Reform Act

Be sure to read this information from the Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.  There are several changes coming up that will impact your bottom line and help you provide or benefit from providing healthcare coverage.

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December 21, 2011

Eco-Stewards Program 2012

Don't miss out!  Sign up or encourage others to sign up today!

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December 5, 2011

Hire Heros - Tax Incentive Bill

The VOW to Hire Heroes Act (included in H.R. 674) was signed into law on November 21, 2011. 

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