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Welcome to the blog of the Enough for Everyone program of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). By "just living" we mean both justice-based living and just simply living – freeing ourselves from the clutter of stuff so we can focus on living faithfully and living well. Join us in the exploration!

About the Author
Bryce Wiebe coordinates Enough for Everyone, a ministry of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. He loves slow food and is fascinated by the way things are made.  He is excited to dive into experiments in simplicity with you.  His sacred cow of consumption: kitchen gadgets.

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October 22, 2010

Join the upcoming Delegation to Haiti

Apply by October 25

The Presbyterian Hunger Program recommends the following November 10-19 delegation for Presbyterians interested in Haiti and in recovering its agricultural sector. Two of the host organizations, Agricultural Missions and FONDAMA (Haitian Hand to Hand Foundation), are partners of PHP, and the outcomes of this trip will help shape a new and growing US network of Presbyterians advocating for and helping Haiti.

The goals of this Agricultural Missions delegation are to:

-  visit rural organizations and communities

-  assess the context, challenges and opportunities that face rural Haitians in consultation with Haitian leaders

-  build relationships of mutual respect, and

-  upon return to the U.S., advocate on behalf of rural Haitians and the member organizations of FONDAMA.

Cost: $350-500, plus airfare (typically $600-$700)

Leaders: Former PHP staff Lionel Derenoncourt (a native of Haiti) and Stephen Bartlett of Agricultural Missions.

To Apply: Email for an application

Questions: Contact Stephen Bartlett or Alexa Smith

Categories: Communities, Current Affairs, Discipleship, Justice, Mission, Travel, Witness

May 7, 2010

...Until All Are Fed

Support this innovative Presbyterian music project Presbyterian pastor, hunger action leader and musician Rev. Bryan Field McFarland is joining with others and dreaming big dreams. They seek to record a hope-filled album, ...Until All Are Fed, to benefit the Presbyterian...

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May 6, 2010

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day through prayer, contests and more!

This year's theme for World Fair Trade Day, May 8, is Fair Trade Your Home. The celebration lasts longer than just one day; it goes on several weeks! A number of congregations will be lifting up the benefits of Fair...

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March 18, 2010

Lenten Living suggestion #11

This year during Lent, I am not consuming any meat, except for fish. My reasons are simple - power and money. Power - my purchasing power is huge, and I do not want to support the current U.S. meat industry...

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March 12, 2010

Lenten Living suggestion #10

Giving Something to Someone for Lent As we journey the Lenten path at New Creation Presbyterian Church in O'Fallon IL, we are indeed bringing depth and meaning to this most sacred season. Instead of the traditional "giving something up for...

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