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January 30, 2012

A number of years ago

A number of years ago, I was leading a workshop on evangelism for a group of folks who mostly represented the liberal and middle of the road side of our tradition.  We were discussing the various reasons folks had for not sharing their faith.  Some spoke of their hesitation to share that grew out of their concern that Jesus might not be the only way to God.  How could they witness to their relationship with God through Jesus Christ when other ways might exist?


One pastor then said something like this in response to those concerns:

“Not sharing your faith is like and being asked for directions to the nearest Metro station (the name of the subway in Washington DC where we were) and not giving them because you know more than one way there.”


Now to be fair, it is not only liberal and middle of the road folks who have problems sharing their faith.  I have also met many in your denomination who claim the conservative part of our tradition who are not comfortable sharing their faith -- though they might have more impetus to do so based on their theology, they are uncomfortable for other reasons (e.g. they don’t know how, they are uncomfortable with the idea, they don’t want to be labeled a zealot).


Whether you hold a universal understanding of reconciliation (all will eventually be reconciled with God) or a specific understanding (reconciliation is totally dependent on faith in Jesus Christ) or something in between, you hold what you hold for a reason.  Can you talk about that?  Is it important enough to you to tell someone else when the time is right?  If your relationship with God through Jesus Christ is essential and central for you, then are you prepared to give the gift of that story to someone when they could use it?

Tags: church growth, evangelism, faith, faith sharing, transformation