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About this blog

We are storytellers. We are everyday Presbyterians who want to talk honestly about the future of the church. We are part of a creative team commissioned by Presbyterians Today to ask questions about who's getting a platform to speak and who's not. And this is our canvas.

This is a holy place for reflection—a safe place to talk and grow as disciples of Christ. Here you'll find writing, art, videos, and podcasts. Some of it will be bilingual. Some will be collaborative projects, bringing together artist and wordsmith. All of it will push the boundaries of what passes for conversation in the church and will, we hope, inspire us to dream bigger when it comes to the gospel. Our opinions are ours alone; they do not represent the policies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) or Presbyterians Today. Our thoughts may sometimes be messy; they may make you feel uncomfortable. They are not meant to be the last word. They are an invitation. So, come, paint with us!

And if you feel there's a voice missing here, let us know!

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