Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding — a new series of biblically based mini-courses published by Congregational Ministries Publishing of the PC(USA) — has published one of its most popular studies in the Korean language.  

Worship as Evangelism is the first of two Being Reformed studies being translated for Korean-speaking congregations. Written by LindaJo H. McKim, Worship as Evangelism examines the elements of worship as a rehearsal of salvation history, as proclamation, and as centered on the Word and Sacrament. It looks at church music and surveys contemporary worship styles, including how worship functions as evangelism.

“Being Reformed in Korean is an appropriate and timely resource to Korean congregations that need to be nurtured and equipped by biblical and Reformed theological reflection on various areas of Christian life,” said Grace Choon Kim, associate for curriculum/resource development with Korean adults.

The Lord’s Prayer is also being adapted for Korean speakers. This study enhances Christians’ knowledge and strengthens their faith in the prayer that Jesus taught. Written by Thomas W. Gillespie, The Lord’s Prayer takes on deeper dimensions as readers pray its words in groups or as individuals. Expect this study in 2012.

“I hope these studies will stimulate helpful reflections and be highly useful to many Presbyterian and Reformed churches,” said Donald McKim, editor of Being Reformed. “The insights here can now be shared with more churches and prompt dialogue about these important topics.”

Each six-session study from Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding addresses its subjects from a Reformed theological perspective, while providing a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith. Studies include Scripture, in-depth commentary, and questions for reflection. 

Seventeen studies are currently available in English from Being Reformed, and two more studies — Church and Politics and Enough: God’s Blessings in Abundance — are scheduled for release in November 2011. Also look for Being Reformed studies adapted for Spanish speakers in 2012.

Worship as Evangelism in Korean will be available mid-September 2011. Preorder online or by calling the Presbyterian Distribution Service at (800) 524-2612.