The Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association (PHEWA) is seeking nominations for seven ministry awards that will be celebrated during the 220th General Assembly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 2012.

PHEWA, part of the Compassion, Peace & Justice Ministry of the General Assembly Mission Council, is a voluntary membership organization dedicated to social welfare and justice ministries. Ten networks are currently part of PHEWA, organized for grassroots implementation of General Assembly policies in the areas of community ministries and faith-based community organizing, addictions, domestic violence, HIV and AIDS, reproductive options, specialized pastoral ministries, child advocacy, disabilities, health and wholeness, and serious mental illness.

We ask you to call to our attention the remarkable work being done across the denomination with those that find themselves marginalized or forgotten. These awards recognize and celebrate those ministries and, by doing so, help to remind of us of God’s call to love kindness and to do justice, as we walk humbly with God.

PHEWA seeks nominations of:

  • PC(USA) Congregations that, either through ecumenical or interfaith community ministry, or through a special project of the congregation, have been faithful, creative and effective in their ministry to and with the community. The COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION AWARD is presented by PHEWA’s Presbyterian Association for Community Transformation (PACT).
  • Persons, congregations, or PC(USA) entities that are exemplary in their affirmation, support, and advocacy for the gifts, rights, and responsibilities of persons with disabilities in the total life of the church. The NANCY JENNINGS AWARD is presented by PHEWA’s Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC).
  • PC(USA) Congregations or church professionals that have contributed significantly in the field of addiction prevention, intervention and recovery. The DAVID HANCOCK AWARD is presented by PHEWA’s Presbyterians for Addiction Action (PAA).
  • PC(USA) lay persons who, as volunteers or activists, have been instrumental in getting their church and community involved in issues related to drug and alcohol abuse through education, awareness or treatment.  The MARGARET A FUAD AWARD is also presented by PAA.
  • PC(USA) Congregations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their ministry with those who have a serious mental illness and with their families. The FLORENCE IVERSEN KRAFT AWARD is presented by PHEWA’s Presbyterian Serious Mental Illness Network (PSMIN).
  • PC(USA Congregations that, through prayerful action and through their ministry, walk alongside sisters and brothers who are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS, initiating or supporting activities within the U.S. in meaningful and lasting ways. The ministries should result in increased sensitization to the issue and demonstrated impact on those affected. The recipient congregation of The FAITH IN ACTION AWARD, presented by PHEWA’s Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN) will be one that shows God’s unconditional love for all people by striving to break down the walls of stigma and discrimination around HIV/AIDS.
  • PC(USA) Congregations or individuals from that congregation who continue to demonstrate a commitment to eliminating domestic violence, through education, advocacy, and other intervention efforts should be nominated for the BREAKING THE SILENCE AWARD, presented by PHEWA’s Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN).

Learn about past recipients of PHEWA’s awards.

To nominate a ministry, congregation or individual for the 2012 awards, please submit the following information, by February 15, 2012:

Name of person/congregation being nominated, the contact person for the nomination with addresses, phone numbers, email addresses for both, and a two page description of the ministry, including why they are deserving of this recognition.

Electronic submissions are preferred, but nominations sent by mail will also be considered.  Send to: or to:

PHEWA, 100 Witherspoon St., Rm. 3228, Louisville, KY  40202-1396