About three weeks ago, the Rev. Samson Tso, pastor of Brooklyn’s Homecrest Presbyterian Church, received an unexpected package from a woman he has never met.

Inside were hand-knitted baby blankets and hats — and a letter explaining that the donor hoped they could be given to people who had lost their homes and belongings in Superstorm Sandy.

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, lives in Washington state.

“Please tell your people that even us folks over on the West Coast are thinking of you and doing what we can to help and are sending our positive thoughts, hugs, and prayers your way,” the donor’s letter reads.

Homecrest is the closest Presbyterian church to Coney Island, which was hit very hard by Sandy. The church’s building was largely unharmed, but several members experienced flooded basements. The Coney Island area hasn’t received as much media attention as Rockaway or Staten Island, Tso said. In her letter, the donor says that she originally wanted to send the items to Breezy Point and looked for Presbyterian churches in that area, but “I realized that I have no right to make any restriction on who received these gifts.”

The donor’s connection to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) remains a mystery. Tso called Presbyterian congregations in the donor’s town, but none had heard of her.

“It’s just a very touching story — someone who really cares for someone who’s a total stranger,” Tso said. “I just want to thank her for her thoughtfulness.”

Tso brought the donations to a nearby Pentecostal church that is serving as a community drop-off/pick-up center.