The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s first smartphone application—the daily prayer app—continues to receive positive reviews from its users. 

"We’re very pleased by the reception we’ve gotten from people using it,” says Michael Trier, director of information technology for the church’s Presbyterian Mission Agency. “We’re updating the app every four to six weeks. We’ll be adding midday and close-of-day prayer in February.”

During the Christmas/New Year holiday, Trier was surprised to learn that the daily prayer app was no. 19 on Apple’s top 20 lifestyle apps list. “It’s quite significant,” says Trier. “It’s based on recent activity. People are using our updates as this app evolves.”

Image of PCUSA daily prayer app on top 20 list of lifestyle apps

Daily prayer app on Apple's top 20 lifestyle app list during holidays —Screen Shot by Michael Trier

Since the daily prayer app was released in October, the update users have most requested is an Android version of the app. “It would give all smartphone users access to the app, not just iPhone users,” says Trier. “Currently we plan to test the Android version in March, releasing it shortly thereafter.”

The daily prayer app also got a positive review in the January 14 issue of Worship Times. “The reaction to the app opens up other opportunities for us,” says Trier. “The daily prayer app met a need, opening up additional spaces of prayer, for users in their daily activity. We hope to meet additional needs like that in whatever app we create next.”