The General Secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) has traveled to the United States with a call for the country’s member churches to support church unity and social and economic justice.

“WCRC is committed to working with American member churches to strengthen unity and work together to meet the needs of the country and its overseas neighbors in the face of unjust economic and social systems,” says Setri Nyomi.

Nyomi is in the United States to attend the General Synod of the United Church of Christ (UCC) here from  June 28-July 2. The UCC is one of 10 WCRC member churches in the United States. The denomination shares WCRC’s emphasis on justice and unity.

The Ghanaian theologian heads WCRC’s network of 229 member churches in 108 countries. The organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is known for its commitment to deepening and strengthening understanding of Reformed theology and for its programs in support of social and economic justice and protection of the earth’s natural resources.

On June 29, Nyomi addressed a gathering of clergy and church members from the area at Pasadena Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Calif. The intent was to share information about WCRC and how its focus on justice and Reformed theology connects with local concerns.

The gathering is one of a series of meetings in Europe and North America to promote the organization’s $10 million fundraising campaign in support of its endowment fund.

“We want to share the news of how WCRC is creating space for theological reflections relevant to our days, stimulating theological formation and inspiring churches to embrace the gifts of all in leadership ― women and men, young and old,” Nyomi says.

On June 30, Nyomi preached at Claremont Presbyterian Church in Claremont, Calif. In a sermon pegged to celebration of the country’s Independence Day, July 4, Nyomi’s message was that “freedom is not a right but a gift.”

“Freedom that is seen as an individual right leads to self-indulgence; but freedom that is received as a gift to be shared encourages community-building and sharing,” says Nyomi. “I want to encourage people to celebrate Independence Day by committing themselves to the freedom that is given to all as a gift from God.”