New to the Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding family is a series of studies focused on the strategic directional goals of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

The first study—Transformational Leaders, available now—looks at the Presbyterian Mission directional goal to inspire, equip, and connect the church to cultivate, nurture, and sustain diverse, transformational leaders for Christ’s mission. Each session is written by a respected voice in the PC(USA) whose ministry focuses on nurturing and supporting transformational leaders for the 21st century. Contributors include Kenneth J. McFayden, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Carol Howard Merritt, Mark D. Hinds, Mindy Douglas, and Steven P. Eason.

“We are pleased to draw on the expertise of established, transformational leaders in the PC(USA) to write about different dimensions of the church’s life where the power of God can transform the church’s ministries and practices,” said Donald McKim, editor of Being Reformed. “In the context of our changing cultures, the church continues to carry out its mission and ministries in light of our tradition, but also in the midst of new realities never faced before.”

The Presbyterian Mission directional goals will further the agency’s mission, approved by the 220th General Assembly, to inspire, equip, and connect the PC(USA) and its many expressions to serve Christ in the world through new and existing worshiping communities of faith, hope, love, and witness. This timely series invites congregations to join in working together as a faithful, inclusive community as we seek to accomplish our common goals.

Transformational Leaders is available at (click here). Look for studies on 1,001 new worshiping communities and compassionate, prophetic discipleship in the near future.

Published by Congregational Ministries Publishing, Being Reformed is a series of biblically based mini-courses that provides adults and young adults with a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith. Each six-session study—written by well-known and respected scholars—features Scripture, prayer, in-depth commentary, and questions for reflection. Each study addresses its subject from a Reformed theological perspective.

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