Stated Clerk calls for prayer in the wake of the escalated violence in Egypt

August 15, 2013


In light of the continued political unrest and escalated violence in Egypt, Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, today issued a call to prayer for all those affected by this situation; and shared the following prayer that their differences can be resolved peacefully and respectfully:

God of righteousness

you have taught us through your Son

to set our minds on your kingdom and justice

before everything else.


In the heritage that we share

and the sacred texts we read,

all "Peoples of the Book" know a moral law

and see that the role of governments

is to ensure order

and protection of all citizens.


Give the people of Egypt courage and energy at this time

to think for themselves clearly and fairly,

to seek for the truth

and to follow it wherever it leads.

Help them to believe

that whatever is right is always possible

and that what accords with the mind of Christ

is upheld by God.


Grant that in us, the Egyptian people and in others

Suspicion may give place to trust

And stridency to peace

That we all may live and work together

In unity and love;

through Jesus Christ the Lord.


Adapted from The Church of Scotland Book of Common Order

  1. As was rightly mentioned on the article, we should speak out against the violence against the Christians and the burning of churches. What international statement will PCISA make, then send to media. I pray that PCUSA will be a leader in standing with our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

    by Carol Todf

    August 20, 2013

  2. As we pray for all the people of Egypt and for peace, let us keep in mind the Christians in Egypt who are being targeted and killed while their churches are burned down. Let us keep them in our prayers and speak out and stand up for them.

    by Kellie Thomson

    August 20, 2013

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. Lew and I were lucky enough to be in Cairo in early Oct. before the first eruption in Egypt. We traveled with one guide, one driver (armed), and the two of us, so we got to know them a bit in the 10 hours we spent together. Like us, they were trying to improve their lives through work and education - we did not discuss religion - just everyday life - amazing how alike we are though very different in culture. We are concerned for their safety as well as that of the thousands of Egyptians involved in the struggle. May God guide the Egyptians and all those in conflict throughout the word to overcome their hatred and to learn to live together peacefully with respect for their differences. We need a national day of prayer for all those in conflict.

    by Karen Mullinax

    August 18, 2013

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