An unprecedented collaborative effort to fund clean water ministries ― including the PC(USA)’s Living Waters for the World (LWW) ―  has reached its final phase, with a goal of selling 1,000 limited-edition Holden Village GS Mini guitars by Christmas.  

As first reported by Presbyterian News Service last May, Pacific Rim Tonewoods, which supplies wood to the makers of acoustic musical instruments, has partnered with Taylor Guitars to produce guitars from wood salvaged from Holden Village, a Lutheran retreat center in Washington state.

Proceeds from the sales will benefit clean water projects in Central America. LWW is a ministry of the PC(USA)’s Synod of the Living Waters.

“(This project) hits on every front — environmental, water, collaboration,” says Steve Young, executive director of LWW. “To date 760 guitars have been sold, generating $125,000 in clean water support for communities in Central America.”   

$165 of each guitar’s $550 price goes directly to fund clean water initiatives. Singer-songwriter David LaMotte, well-known to Presbyterians, became an early and passionate advocate for the project, producing this video to highlight the project.

Adds Young, “This amazing little guitar, because of the tone wood used, is best in its class, and that alone makes it worth having. What takes it all to another level is that whenever and wherever it is played, its story will emerge and inspire others ― a sermon with strings!”

The promotion will end at the close of the year, and the collaborative hopes to sell way more than the 1,000-guitar goal by that time. 

“It’s a beautiful gift, for yourself or someone you care about”, says Young. “It’s been a wonderful project to be a part of, and at the end of it all, more clean water flows.”

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To learn more about LWW’s role in the project, click here.