This year’s National Multicultural Church Conference’s theme, “Journeying and Awakening into God’s Diverse World,” is a call for the church to be open to change and innovation. 

The 15th annual Multicultural Church Conference will meet July 31-Aug. 3 in Fort Worth, Texas. 

The church must awake to the fact that it is always on the move and seek to adjust to the new realities brought about by population and demographic shifts. 

A growing number of congregations have seen God’s hand at work as their communities and congregations have become more diverse. These congregations view the changing landscape as the coming of God’s vision of “…gathering all nations and tongues, so that they may come and see God’s glory,” (Is. 66:18) while many congregations are still discovering the wonders of racial and cultural diversity. 

The National Multicultural Church Conference provides leaders of congregations with essential resources and training to embrace racial and cultural diversity, to witness and encounter all who are among us and to minister effectively in rapidly changing communities. 

Conference speakers include nationally and internationally acclaimed church leaders, seminary professors, writers and ecumenical and political leaders. 

For the first time, the National Multicultural Church Conference will be held following the General Assembly, meeting June 14-21. The design team hopes that the event will be a time of unity and a source of healing and empowerment as together we seek to journey into the unknown with deep conviction and faith that our Lord Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and the church. 

Join other Presbyterians for what promises to be a transformational experience at the National Multicultural Church Conference. 

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