A meeting was held May 15-16 at McCormick Theological Seminary here to plan a “World Fraternity of Theological Educators: International Forum for the Development of Christian Leadership.”

After analyzing the need to create a round-table type of space for the sharing of experiences among those responsible for theological formation and Christian leadership, the organizing of a series of three world events with some 150 participants in each, was looked at.

The first, to probably take place in Germany, would be held around October-November, 2015 or April-May, 2016, with the theme: “Preparing Christian Leaders in the 21st Century.”

The two later events would be in Africa or Asia.

Also being worked on is that these gatherings be as inclusive as possible, by inviting participants who represent the diversity of Christian traditions and all the regions of the world. The goal is to invite an equal number of women and men and with a strong participation of persons under 40, in addition to those with the most experience in the field of theological education and the formation of Christian leadership.

A characteristic of the theological educators to be invited is that they be of an open mind and in close relations with the churches, and involved in an inter-disciplinary and inter-religious theological reflection.

Emphasis will be placed on an ecumenical theological formation since what is being looked for is an inclusive, participatory, innovative and inter-generational event. Also to be highlighted are the complementary functions of each participant, so that the gifts are expressed in relation to the other.

The events will have sub-themes, such as missionary and spiritual renovation, sustainable development, the ministry of reconciliation, working through world and inter-regional networks in theological education, the unity of the church and social commitment, as well as the relationship with people of other religions, among others.