The World Council of Churches (WCC) on Sept. 5 hosted the Global Energy Parliament (GEP) at the Ecumenical Center here. The event addressed the theme “The Science of Peace in Humans, Humans in Peace,” featuring reflections on how lasting peace can be built by individuals and nations.

Experts in the field of education, science, agriculture, economy, medicine, diplomacy, law, and culture made presentations on the theme.

The GEP is an international body whose mission is to provide scientific research, recommendations and strategies promoting a self-sustaining, peaceful existence for human beings and the universe. GEP events have previously taken place in London, Paris and Berlin.

The GEP in Geneva was inaugurated by M.K. Lokesh, Ambassador of India to Switzerland. Among the presenters were the founder of GEP, Swami Isa, as well as Prof. Ervin Laszlo, M.R. Thampan, C.V. Ananda Bose, Mathews George Chunakara, Carla Davis, Folker Meissner, Kiran Vyas, Veena Jha, Uwe Reuter, Christophe Dumas, Jean-Paul Biberian, Lidija Pavić-Rogošić, BrankaBakaric, Julien Gueguen-Carroll, Joy K. Joseph, Mira Purn, and Beatrice Bonin-Marceau.

At the event, Sergey Batsanov, a practitioner and scholar in the field of international security, arms limitation and non-proliferation was honored with the GEP 2014 award.

WCC program executive for Faith and Order, Fr Daniel Buda spoke to the group about the pilgrimage of justice and peace, a call issued by the WCC 10th Assembly in 2013 in Busan, Republic of Korea. He said, “Our journey is for a peaceful and just world. While on the pilgrimage for justice and peace, we are ready to share, receive and welcome all those people of good will, who want to journey with us and share with us their own experience and understanding of justice and peace.”

Buda added, “We as Christians are called to proclaim our Lord’s peace. For knowing and understanding our Lord’s peace, we have committed ourselves for this pilgrimage which we all are called to join.”

The collaboration with the GEP was part of the WCC’s efforts to join hands with secular organizations and peace practitioners to promote the message of peace with justice.