The youngest agency of the PC(USA), Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program Inc. (PILP) celebrates its twentieth birthday, July 31, 2015. 

General Assembly has been supporting low-cost loans to churches through the endowment funds held by the Presbyterian Foundation of PC(USA) for over one hundred and seventy years. At the 207th General Assembly in 1995, the General Assembly recognized the changing financial needs of congregations and created the sixth agency of PC(USA). Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program Inc. – a nonprofit corporation of PC(USA)  was created to provide low-cost loans to congregations, governing bodies and related entities of PC(USA) whose loan requirements exceeded the terms available through the endowment-funded Church Loan Program. 

Over the past twenty years the Program’s loan portfolio has grown to over seventy-six million dollars and the investment portfolio to over ninety million. By living out its mission, ‘to serve in gratitude for God’s abundance by promoting growth of the PC(USA), by bringing together the visions of our congregations with the resources of Presbyterian investors and financial partners’, the Program has provided low-cost loans to over 400 churches. 

The staff of the Program bring over 100 years of collective experience in church lending whose aim is to help churches through each stage of the lending process with care and professionalism –partnering with congregations towards a common goal, ‘to glorify and enjoy God now and forever, living in covenant fellowship with God while participating in God’s mission.

Policies for the use of investor funds are set by the board of directors of the Program.  Policies regarding the use of endowment funds are established by the Mission Development Resources Committee of the Presbyterian Mission Agency of PC(USA), A Corporation.

Presbyterian Investment & Loan program is celebrating its birthday by partnering with churches across the denomination to help collectively reduce our carbon footprint through the new Restoring Creation Loan program. Loans are available to qualifying congregations engaged in projects that purposefully render our churches more energy efficient.

With lower interest rates and flexibility in loan terms, congregations will be encouraged to renovate their buildings using energy efficient products – saving on energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

For more information about the loans and investment opportunities through the Presbyterian Investment & Loan program visit our website at www.pilp.pcusa.org, call 1.800.903.7457 ext. 5865, or email loan.help@pcusa.org.