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The Office of the General Assembly (OGA) is looking for 200 good men and women with a keen eye and ear for what happens in committee meetings. Process Observers will be sitting in on the 12 assembly committees, not to participate, but to measure who participates and when.

“Process observers try to find invisible things that show up in the meetings. They won’t be focusing on the content of the discussion, but who’s talking and how often,” said the Rev. Molly Casteel, assistant stated clerk with the OGA. “It’s not about catching bad people. It’s meant to give us information that we don’t always pay attention to. Who’s raising their hands? Who do we call on and how do we listen to people?”

Casteel says it helps leaders make informed decisions by drawing on full participation and giving people access to decisionmakers. 

“We need observers of different ages and backgrounds because they each bring different perspectives in what they see and hear,” said Casteel. “We want committee leaders to be more intentional about widening the scope of who helps discern the will of Christ.”

Process observers need only a mobile device or laptop computer. Data gathered will be submitted through an app. Training is being held throughout the weekend in Room 266.

The information gathered this year will be used to improve committee organization and leadership training for 2020.