On November 24–25 the Moving Forward Implementation Commission convened a meeting with leadership, board chairs and members of the Office of the General Assembly (OGA), Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) and Administrative Services Group (ASG). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the creation of a unified budget representing OGA, PMA and ASG. This unified budget will be presented for approval at the upcoming 224th General Assembly meeting to be held in Baltimore, Maryland next June.  

As a prelude to the unified budget discussion, the group engaged in robust discussion affirming the unity and “oneness” of the PC(USA). Indeed, though there are many parts, we are one church in Christ. As leaders in OGA and PMA, we pledge our commitment to help unite this church in our mission and ministry. We desire to see the PC(USA) live into its call to be a Matthew 25 church. This call was first made at the 222nd General Assembly and now serves as the biblical and theological basis for the PMA’s tri-fold focus to build congregational vitality, eradicate systemic poverty and dismantle structural racism. We are also supportive of the Office of the General Assembly’s “Hands and Feet” initiative that provides an opportunity for our church to practice what it preaches within the local context and jurisdiction of General Assembly meetings and beyond. It is our hope that this common mission will help our church grow spiritually and numerically as we share the good news of God’s justice and love in Christ and call others to faith in him.

Being a Matthew 25 church requires compassion, generosity and faithful stewardship of our time and resources. Part of creating a unified budget means that we will seek ways to offset some of the deficit anticipated in the upcoming 2021–2022 budget cycle. We are grateful that other leadership of PMA, OGA and ASG stand with us in the commitment to address the deficit. We are also grateful for your ministry and ask for your prayers and support in this matter. We are excited about the future and look forward to the creation of a unified budget and the great things that will happen as we remain faithful to the ministry and mission given to us by Jesus Christ.

May the reality of Christ’s presence among us through the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and minds in this season of Thanksgiving and always.