The Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) and Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (PPC) have teamed up to offer a confirmation course at the annual PAM Worship and Music Conferences at Montreat. This new offering, which utilizes the Big God, Big Questions curriculum from PPC, provides an opportunity for churches or presbyteries with a small number of confirmands to engage in a high-quality confirmation curriculum. Confirmands will also benefit from a larger class size and an intergenerational environment while still being able to be confirmed at their home church.

“Confirmation is not just about knowledge but a decision of the heart,” said Meg Rift, confirmation course leader. “We are working with these young people to guide them as they profess their faith in a meaningful way.”

In the Spring of 2020, confirmands registered for the course and their mentors will be sent an email with materials for the first session, which is completed by the confirmand and mentor at their home church prior to the worship and music conference. While at the conference, confirmands will meet twice daily during the week to complete Sessions 2-11, which explore the four questions youth are asked at the confirmation worship service.

“Throughout the week, we will unpack these questions, look at what the Bible says, examine your local church’s context, and wonder about your place in God’s story,” Rift said. “We take youth where they are and help them faithfully answer these questions.”

The confirmands will be recognized at the end of the conference for the work they have completed. The final session is completed with their mentor at the confirmand’s home church where they will draft their statement of faith.

“I’m so excited to be able to offer a denomination-wide confirmation program,” Rift said. “In a way, this group will form their own local congregation for the week.”

2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of PAM. Their annual worship and music conferences at Montreat feature programs and classes for adults, youth and children along with daily worship services.

For more information about the program and the conference, visit the PAM Worship and Music Conference website.

You may also email questions about the confirmation class to Meg Rift at