2014 Birthday Offering Packet

Use this packet to promote giving to the Birthday Offering in your congregation, presbytery or synod. The packet includes an invitation letter and Birthday Offering dedication service (both in English and Spanish), information about the recipient, ways to support the Birthday Offering, how to access PW resources and an order form.

The packet references the group gift envelope and individual gift envelope, as well as the Birthday Offering video.

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  1. Ellyn, I am so sorry you did not get a packet. We will make sure you are in our database as moderator of PWC, Grace Presbyterian Church, Lafayette. All moderators should be getting a packet. You might check with your church office. We are mailing to all congregations, asking that the packets be delivered to women's groups. In the meantime, please call 800.524.2612 and request item PWR14451. You also can download materials from this page. Thank you for your support of PW programs and mission!

    by Yvonne Hileman, staff

    May 1, 2014

  2. I am Moderator of our PWCT here at Grace Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, LA and we have not received anything regarding this year's Birthday Offering. Can you please help me out? Thank you very much. Ellyn Macpherson

    by Ellyn Macpherson

    April 30, 2014