Interfaith Toolkit on Human Trafficking

This toolkit from the Washington Inter-religious Staff Community (WISC) (and the PC(USA)'s Office of Public Witness) contains basic information about human trafficking, as well as specific information on the connection between consumerism and trafficking, which is the theme of the 2017 toolkit. We encourage communities to focus on the way in which consumerism and lack of accountability in business supply chains result in millions of people being trafficked or enslaved. The toolkit contains faith-based resources, including prayers, scriptures, statements, fact sheets and resolutions. The toolkit contains ideas that local faith communities may use to take action against human trafficking, as well as links to additional print and multimedia resources. The toolkit is intended to be a starting point for faith communities as they seek to educate themselves and take action during Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January of 2017. WISC and Presbyterian Women in the PC(USA) hope this toolkit will help local faith communities across the country raise awareness, promote dialogue, and take moral action against the scourge of modern-day slavery.

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