PW Quarterly Newsletter (Second Quarter 2012)

The PW Quarterly Newsletter highlights recent news from Presbyterian Women at the churchwide level. Find information from the committees of the Churchwide Coordinating Team, details about new resources, highlights of conferences and events, and what’s on the horizon for Presbyterian Women.

Note: This resource is also distributed as a print piece, mailed with enclosures. It is dated April-July 2012 and reflects news reported until mid-April.

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  1. Since I too attended my 2nd CWG, I'll agree- it was jaw-dropping! Please mail or advise when posted. Sherry, I'll see you @ SAM SSG! Thanks, Janice PW NCP CT Search Mod.

    by J B Parker

    August 27, 2012

  2. I would like to be notified, if possible, via email when a new quarterly PW Newsletter is available. I am now Moderator Elect for Presbytery of the James, and need all the information I can get! Thank you The Churchwide Gathering I just attended was "jaw-dropping"!

    by Sherry L. Scudder

    July 25, 2012