PW Quarterly Newsletter (Second Quarter 2013)

The PW Quarterly Newsletter highlights recent news from Presbyterian Women at the churchwide level. Find information from the committees of the Churchwide Coordinating Team, details about new resources, highlights of conferences and events, and what’s on the horizon for Presbyterian Women.

Note: This resource is also distributed as a print piece, mailed with enclosures. It is dated April–July 2013 and reflects news reported through April 25, 2013.

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  1. Hi Shannon, We're passionate about PW too! If we can be of any assistance in starting a PW group in your community, drop us a line. There is a new-group packet of information that can be sent to help you get going. Blessings to you! Patricia

    by Patricia Longfellow

    July 3, 2013

  2. I have been thinking about my passion and I came across PW, and I got really excited. I was very passionate about PW for several yrs and when I became a traveling nurse, that passion waned. But now I have a permanent job and want to get back to my passion PW. I am even thinking about starting a group here in our small community. Thanks for bringing me back. I love you!!!

    by shannon

    June 30, 2013

  3. I have been all over this site on Women's issues and just wanted to say thank you for this information and I hope our local group will put it to good use.

    by Pat Cash

    June 23, 2013