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Eco-Journey is the blog of the Environmental Ministries Office of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It includes a wide array of environmental topics: upcoming environmental events, links to interesting articles and studies, information on environmental advocacy, eco-theology topics, and success stories from churches that are going “green.”

Author Rebecca Barnes is the Associate for Environmental Ministries at the PC(USA). She is a graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary with an MDiv and Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) dual degree.

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November 22, 2013

Food Stamps and the Environment?

I’ve been writing all week about the more obvious aspects of my experience this week as part of the Food Stamp Challenge. Yet, this, as you know, is the Eco-Justice Journey blog. In my corner of the Presbyterian Hunger Program, I work to connect, equip and inspire individual Presbyterians and congregations to ministry opportunities to care for all God’s creation (people, and the earth, and all in it).


In the Presbyterian Church, we have been passing General Assembly policies to care for God’s creation, to be mindful of our use of natural resources, and to urge the ...

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November 21, 2013

The Advent of Hunger?

This afternoon I was talking with colleagues about our children, in relation to feeding them on a Food Stamp Challenge budget. Some of our parental thoughts: What if they don’t like the food? What if they don’t eat the food? What if they ask for seconds? What if they’re embarrassed by what they bring in their sack lunch? How deprived do they feel without any treats or desserts?


Then, I thought about how winter break is only four weeks away and that is a period of TWO WHOLE WEEKS where a parent would have to feed their ...

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November 20, 2013

Serving up Privilege

Okay, let’s be honest. Making it to half-way point, I admit some relief as I notice we still have enough basic supplies and I know basically what to make for the next few nights’ dinner. This is crazy, though, right? Because my half-way point of one tiny week of life within a restrictive food budget, is only to get a tiny glance, a shred of experience, at what it might be like to live only on SNAP/Food Stamps and all the surrounding complex issues surrounding hunger and poverty in the United States.


It is embarrassing really, to admit ...

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November 19, 2013

Is Your Hunger Satiated?

This morning, I left my house (after breakfast) feeling my hunger not totally satiated. I mean, I woke up hungry and I was no longer straight-out hungry. But, neither was I fully satisfied. I am expecting this is a mix between just a mental state (I’m more aware of and anxious about food this week, and I’ll own that as my own personal stuff) and it’s also probably partly about my not getting my first cup of coffee in the morning (since I failed to pay for coffee out of this week’s limited budget).


As I ...

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November 18, 2013

First Day of the Food Stamp Challenge


Sunday, November 17th, was the beginning of the Food Stamp Challenge. I'm joining other Presbyterians across the country in living within a food budget of about $4 per day per household member. It is a way to be mindful of what it would be like to be limited to this kind of food budget (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and to encourage reflection and action as Congress debates cutting food benefits for the poor.


Towards the end of Sunday, these are the things I'm thinking:


1) It made me self conscious to obviously be doing math before taking ...

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November 13, 2013

Reflections preparing for the SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge next week

Nov 17th, Environmental Ministries and Presbyterian Hunger Program invite you to join the Food Stamp Challenge. Click here to learn more and register:

SNAP Food Stamp Challenge


I decided that, for me, this week is as much about my own thinking and empathizing and growth as it was a test to see if I could make it financially on such a limited food budget. I wanted to record my thoughts and feelings, and share them with you, as I experienced what it was like to be limited on food spending and choices this week. Here are my ...

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