Through the Bible, the cornerstone of our faith, we know the stories of God's efforts to communicate with creation and of creation's response. God communicates through rainbows and burning bush, through earthquakes and fire, and through the still small voice. We pray that God will speak through us as we tell new stories of the faith, life and mission found in Christ's church.

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  • Ordination and Appreciation from Comings and Goings

    A Visit to Second Presbyterian Church of Bloomington (IL)

    October 20, 2014 by Chip Hardwick

    I am so grateful for the chance to return this past weekend to the church where I most recently served before heading to Louisville:  Second Presbyterian Church of Bloomington, IL.  Participating in the ordination of the Rev. Susan Tindall (below left), a daughter of the church whom I got to know at seminary, gave me great joy.  She is an outstanding pastor and it is exciting that she will now have the “Rev.” in front of her name to help others see that God has called her to serve in this extraordinary way.

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  • Looking Forward to Christmas from Daily Offerings

    October 20, 2014 by Tricia McReynolds

    OK, it's true. I don't usually like to think about getting ready for Christmas until my Thanksgiving dinner has fully digested.

    I like to jump in head first at the beginning of Advent and not slow down til Christmas day. I'm sure many of you who have worked in congregations know how true those words are!

    But the truth of the matter is, sometimes you need a little lead time. I purchased my first two Christmas gifts last week, and I'm getting ready to start the all-important Christmas Card List. This year, choosing a design won ...

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  • Welcome to Rev. Alonzo Johnson from Swords into plowshares

    New Mission Associate with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program

    October 20, 2014 by Carl Horton

    The Rev. Alonzo Johnson has accepted a call  as a term Mission Associate with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.  Alonzo has concluded his service as the pastor/head of staff of Oak Lane Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA. He is a graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (LPTS) and is currently a candidate for his Doctor of Ministry degree at LPTS. He is passionate about peacemaking and social justice issues and has rich experience in urban ministry with a focus on mentoring youth in the arts.
    Alonzo will nurture and support existing and new peacemaking networks, and coordinate  program communications in ...

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  • Smallify Your Church's Ministry from Comings and Goings

    A Visit to San Francisco Theological Seminary

    October 18, 2014 by Chip Hardwick

    The calling God has given us is immense:  to join the Spirit’s work to transform the world through Christ’s redeeming love.  It is daunting, especially when we consider how often churches churches and worshiping communities struggle to introduce new approaches or perspectives.  Resources seem scarce compared to the enormity of the challenges facing us. 

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  • A College Ministry to be Proud Of from Comings and Goings

    A Visit to Alma (MI) College

    October 15, 2014 by Chip Hardwick

    I was honored to be able to preach at Alma College’s Homecoming this past weekend.  I graduated from Alma in 1988 and my commitment to the school skyrocketed last year when I returned to the central Michigan campus for my 25th Homecoming.  I was so impressed to see how the college’s physical plant has been transformed, and how amazing the musical programs have become.  (My fraternity house seems as sketchy as ever, but that is a story for another day.)

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