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Through the Bible, the cornerstone of our faith, we know the stories of God's efforts to communicate with creation and of creation's response. God communicates through rainbows and burning bush, through earthquakes and fire, and through the still small voice. We pray that God will speak through us as we tell new stories of the faith, life and mission found in Christ's church.

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  • Spotlight on Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church from Eco-Journey

    Celebrating 5th Year PCUSA Certified Earth Care Congregations!

    August 27, 2014 by Rebecca Barnes


    Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY is one of the PCUSA certified Earth Care Congregations which is now pursuing the dual certification with GreenFaith. Their enrollment into the GreenFaith sustainable congregation program both recertifies the congregation with PCUSA Earth Care Congregations and gives them room to grow through this interfaith program with new emphases.




    Earth Care team leader Bill Bowman, who has been involved in Presbyterian environmental circles for over a decade, says that GreenFaith gives the church new areas to try. Bowman explains that GreenFaith “will help us push our limits a bit. If we are going to ...

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  • Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church dedicates community-support solar system! from Eco-Journey

    August 26, 2014 by Rebecca Barnes

    Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church dedicates largest community-supported solar system in West Virginia; Launches new model making solar possible for any community group in West Virginia

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    For Immediate Release

    Contact:          Dan Conant, Solar Holler                                          (802) 595-0338
                            Than Hitt, Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church  (304) 268-4886

    Shepherdstown, WV—In a first of its kind project, residents and businesses in this West Virginia small town have come together to do what was once out of reach—making solar power accessible for any church or non-profit in one of the most coal-dependent states in America.

    Tuesday morning, Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church members, project organizers ...

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  • Spotlight on Second Presbyterian Church (Little Rock, AR) from Eco-Journey

    Celebrating 5th Year PCUSA Certified Earth Care Congregations!

    August 26, 2014 by Rebecca Barnes

    Second Presbyterian Church receives Faithful Green Friend award


    Second Presbyterian Church in Little Rock, AR has been ministering with special attention to God’s creation since the 80s. The first incarnation of their efforts was a group called SPEC (Second Presbyterian Environmental Council) and this group introduced recycling, stopped Styrofoam products at church coffee and meal times, and adopted two miles of highway to keep free from litter.


    After a period of rest and then feeling called to start up efforts again, the Environmental Stewardship Team at Second Presbyterian was born and expanded recycling to include paper, cardboard, plastics and ...

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  • Praying Missionally from Comings and Goings

    A Visit to the National Gathering of the Fellowship Community and ECO

    August 25, 2014 by Chip Hardwick

    Last week I was at the Fellowship Community/ECO conference in Dallas, TX.  The Fellowship Community (formed recently from the Fellowship of Presbyterians and Presbyterians for Renewal) is a ministry of and to conservative churches within the PC(USA); ECO is the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, composed of conservative churches who have left the PC(USA) to begin this new denomination.  

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  • Spotlight on Swarthmore Presbyterian Church (Swarthmore, PA) from Eco-Journey

    Celebrating 5th Year PCUSA Certified Earth Care Congregations!

    August 25, 2014 by Rebecca Barnes

    Earth care activities at Swarthmore Presbyterian Church (SPC) took root in the passion and commitment of its members.  One of the founding members of the Earth Care team works for the EPA and used her knowledge to help frame a recommendation to Session that established environmental stewardship as a priority observed by all SPC groups.  Like other Earth Care Congregations, this church’s certification 5 years ago reflected strides made in worship, education, facilities, and outreach that reflect their care and respect for God’s creation, and they continue each year to find new ways to be more efficient and ...

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