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Young Adult Volunteers commit to serving a minimum of one year in the U.S. or Internationally at one of our sites. YAV’s have the opportunity to volunteer alongside local partners, engaging in work and conversation around issues that address poverty, reconciliation, and what it means to share the hope of Christ through service. This blog is a chance to stay updated on what is happening in the life of the YAV program, whether that is with our current volunteers, our abundance of alum, the YAV office, or our YAV partners. The conversations and tough issues that we spend countless hours talking about as YAV’s don’t end when the year does; welcome to the conversation! 

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August 14, 2014

Funds Development Position Announcement

We are thrilled to announce a new position for the Funds Development Manager for the Young Adult Volunteer Program! If you know of anyone who would be interested, please share this post with them, or you can send the direct link to apply here. 
As a part of the larger World Mission funds development effort, the Funds Development Manager with two fundraising specialists will have primary responsibility for the funds development effort for the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The Funds Development Manager for YAV program will report directly to the Sr. Director of Funds Development while working with the YAV ministry area to develop and successfully execute funds development strategies to achieve the mission of this ministry area. The goal for the initial twelve months of work is $400,000 to be increased as work continues.
Job Skills/Requirements

1. Work closely with YAV staff to identify targeted funds needed to accomplish specific objectives, where the funds will be spent, what activities/investments the funds support, and what impact the activities/investments will make. 
2. Create presentation tools to support fund raising efforts, that may include a brief, compelling rationale for investing, a 5-7 minute presentation of the vision, approach and impact, and supporting web, visual and collateral tools. 
3. Learn and incorporate the Presbyterian Mission Agencys Funds Development methodology for evaluating and approaching existing donors and cultivating supportive relationships; establish activity and communication practices that promote positive internal relationships and effective sharing and cultivation of existing donors and projects. 
4. Work will include individuals, congregations and mid-councils. Research and identify major donors and prospects likely to resonate with the YAV mission and, in collaboration with appropriate staff, develop and execute plans to contact, cultivate and solicit their involvement. 
5. Identify inspiring events/activities to which potential donors could be invited as part of the cultivation process. 
6. Travel and visit with potential donors to solicit funds or set up endowment funds for the YAV program. 
7. Responsible for direction and leadership of the YAV funds development team. 
The job description can be found here, along with how to apply.

August 2, 2014

When the YAV Year Ends - A Site Coordinator's Perspective

by Hyeyoung Lee, Korea YAV Site Co-Coordinator


My 17-month-old son, Sahn, and I like to go for a walk during the day. The other day when we were walking he decided to lead me to a place, so I just followed him. He stopped in front of the YAV house which is about 100 steps away from our house and pointed at the gate as if he is saying that he wants to hang out with the YAVs. It would have been no problem if it was two weeks ago, but it is not possible now because they all left ...

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July 16, 2014

Reflecting After General Assembly

I would never have imagined in 2008, when I went to the PCUSA General Assembly as a Youth Advisory Delegate (YAD), that I would be going back in 2014 as a YAV (Young Adult Volunteer). 


My perspective was so different then. I was living in San Juan and just graduated from college. This time around, I went after living and serving in Miami for about 10 months. 

There were many significant moments that made me feel grateful for all the experiences and opportunities that God has given me throughout these past months. Other moments were definitely challenging.

It was meaningful ...

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May 27, 2014

YAVocate Training 2014

YAVocate Training 2014

Young Adult Volunteer Program

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico


The Young Adult Volunteer office is excited to invite 15 currently serving YAVs (2013-2014) to partner in a recruitment training session in September immediately following Transition Retreat (Transition Dates are 9/25-9/28). This opportunity would involve a commitment of full participation in both the training and being a regional recruiter in their home areas. The incentive for being a YAVocate is the opportunity to share your story as a YAV, and to help others know more about our great program. There may also ...

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May 19, 2014

Part of A Legacy: Celebrating Twenty Years of Presbyterian Church (USA) Young Adult Volunteers Serving and Learning in Northern Ireland


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