2010 Domestic Violence Congregational Packet

PADVN Domestic Violence Congregational Packet  2010

The 2010 Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN) Domestic Violence Congregational Packet focuses on parent youth/relationships. Individual pieces include:

“When the Line Has Been Crossed: Violence in Parent/Teen Relationships”
“A Family Covenant to Protect Against Violence”
“Factors Beyond the Family that Promote or Allow Violence”
"The Value of Boundaries"
“What is ‘Normal’?”
Worship Resources for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Resources for Youth Leaders

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  1. Charlene; Thanks for your response. I have been involved in PADVN since it's beginning and was on staff as it was being developed. The leadership team would all agree with this. In fact, we have done training with 3 different seminaries when we have met face-to-face. This is not an issue that is taught in all seminaries and when it is, it's brief. With the stats out there, it is an issue that EVERY congregation will be impacted by. We will continue to push for education in presbyterian seminaries. I'm so glad you are a SURVIVOR! Sandi

    by sandi thompson-royer

    November 17, 2010

  2. As an abuse survivor I know the damage this can do esp. to a person's mind and most pastors are not trained or understand it's far reaching effects. I would love to see it become a part of the the seminary training since it is so common in this time.

    by Charlene Reeves

    November 17, 2010

  3. working on an ecumenical domestic violence conference and needing some devotional materials.

    by Cathy Manthei

    September 13, 2010