2013 Christmas Joy Offering Video

In this video you will hear how your gifts to the Christmas Joy Offering have been a life-changer for Jackie McCain, who was left in challenging financial situation following the death of her husband Ray, a PC(USA) pastor. You will also learn how your gifts are currently helping deserving students attend Menaul School, an ethnically/racially diverse Presbyterian-founded school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that places its focus on mission and leadership development.

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  1. We are in the process of evaluating how we do offering videos - so no, there will not be a 2014 Christmas Joy Offering video. Thanks for checking!

    by Tricia Wainscott

    PC(USA) Staff

    November 5, 2014

  2. I notice that this is the "2013" Joy Offering video. Is there one for 2014? I just want to make sure I have the most recent video.

    by Susie Hollman

    November 5, 2014

  3. Thanks, Robert -- glad you liked it!

    by Special Offerings Staff

    November 20, 2013

  4. Excellent video, quite moving. Thank you.

    by Robert Heimach

    November 20, 2013