Advocacy as Discipleship: A People Called to Witness

This four-week devotional is designed with an in-depth reflection on Day One of each week to introduce each topic, with Days Two through Seven featuring centering quotations, questions and opportunities for contemplation. On Day Four of every week, a short story will help you or your small group reflect on how the subject of advocacy touches your own lives. 

This resource will use the Bible, our Confessions and Presbyterian writings alongside resources from beyond our denomination to help us think about how God is calling us into action and reflection today. 

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  1. I am planning to share the story from Day 4, The First Day of School, with my Bible study group which consists of concerned educators.

    by Mary L. boyd

    March 8, 2014

  2. I appreciate receiving these Lenten reflections on Advocacy as Discipleship. I am going to share this special resource with our Orlando area Bread for the World leadership team and also with some in my local church congregation. Thanks again, Nancy

    by Nancy Warlick

    March 7, 2014