Assessment: How Culturally Proficient Am I?

Becoming culturally proficient is an on-going process. One of the tools of Cultural Proficiency is its Essential Elements. The Essential Elements of Cultural Proficiency consist of five behavior standards that measure, plan for and facilitate a culturally proficient mindset.

This exercise will help you assess how culturally proficient you are individually and/or organizationally. The questions provide a baseline of information and will assist you in determining where to start your conversation about becoming culturally proficient. The assessment is approximately 20 minutes.

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  1. i am very impressed with this self help test inmediately available on your web sight. the last questions about speaking up and taking advantage of teachable moments when trying to encourage people in your environment to be more familiar with other cultures and to encourage them to truely realize that ALL PEOPLE Gods children, is probably the most important lesson to all of us if we intend to embrace and be part of the up and coming 22 century...

    by renee tomlinson

    August 2, 2011