Belonging to God: A First Catechism

A catechism approved by the 210th General Assembly (1998) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

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  1. Dear Mr. Weinflash, That's a very interesting report. Blessings as you move forward. Charles Wiley, Office of Theology and Worship

    by Charles Wiley

    June 5, 2015

  2. Thank you for the Catechism. I will studying it. I am a Jew who attends a Presbyterian Church. I am growing in faith in Christianity I am comfortable praying with the others. I love the singing and the fellowship. I am in a Bible study group that meets Sunday before service. I am an intellectual so my path to faith will be through my mind. The others in the study group don't care about Church history or doctrine. I want to understand exactly what I am to believe. I don't think religion is a matter of individual conscience. It is factual. Either the Pope in Rome is the head of the church on earth or he is not. We need priests to forgive us or we don't. It's not what I think or you think or Tom, Dick and Harry think. All is exactly as God ordained. Why the Church is divided and Christians contend disheartens me. We have fallen so short of the Glory of God. We have even seen Christians killing Christians over doctrine. These horrors give comfort and ammunition to the atheists. The 8 pages of the First Catechism is a good start to building a solid foundation. It is obviously for children but also good for adult beginners. The ideas are familiar but study of the catechism sharpens knowledge. I was an investment banker and for that a physicist. I like know exactly what I'm talking about. We call vague talk "hand waving." I have no intention of criticized the others in the study group who don't share my interests and seem to me to be "free-form" Christians, making up their own religion, But the pastor welcomes all and so will I.

    by David H. Weinflash

    June 3, 2015

  3. thank you,I`m now studying the westminister catechism

    by Joe B. Carter

    December 4, 2011