Caregiver Sunday: Rest for your Soul...

PHEWA’s Presbyterian Health Network (PHN) offers annual resources for recognizing and celebrating those who Offer Care.  The Presbyterian Planning Calendar designates November 10, 2013 as Caregiver Sunday, but this can be done at any time in the life of your congregation or worshiping community. More than 65 million people, 29% of the U.S. population, provide care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend during any given year.  The responsibilities and challenges of caring for a loved one can cause significant stress to the family caregiver.  The Church is in a unique position to pray for and offer practical help to caregivers through a variety of means to share hope, care, and provide rest for the soul.  We offer these resources, and those from previous years, to guide you in this ministry.

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  1. Hello Rev. Brown! We are so pleased that you are able to make use of the resources for Caregiver Sunday. As noted, they can be used at any time that is convenient for your congregation. Our next worship packet will be on the topic of Caregivers giving care to those with Dementia. Perhaps you will be able to use it next year.

    by Joanie Friend

    October 6, 2015

  2. I am an elder in the United Methodist Church. Thank you for the resources for Caregiving Sunday. I've started one at my church on fourth Sunday in September because there is already a lot going on in November. Praise God for this great Sunday observance. Peace and blessings.

    by Rev. Jan Brown

    September 27, 2015