Celebrate the Gifts of Women 2013 flier

In 2013, Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday honors women through whom God is transforming the church in an emerging era. Though the official Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday is March 3, 2013, your congregation or women’s groups may use this resource on any day that you choose. The resource also includes a worship service with a call to worship, prayer of confession, suggested hymns, suggested scripture readings and a litany of remembrance and renewal, preaching and program suggestions, and recommended resources for further study.

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  1. This pdf says that bulletin covers are available to download on this site. I am missing this link. Help, please. It would also be nice to have a high quality digital image available of artist Cassandra Donnelly's work The Overcoming Worshipper to show on our projected screen during worship. Actually, attractively designed digital worship aids (text, titles, hymns) would be nice to have, too. Thanks

    by Sherry Hardwick

    December 20, 2012