Celebrate the Gifts of Women 2013 liturgy

In 2013, Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday honors women through whom God is transforming the church in an emerging era. Though the official Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday is March 3, 2013, your congregation or women’s groups may use this resource on any day that you choose. The resource also includes a worship service with a call to worship, prayer of confession, suggested hymns, suggested scripture readings and a litany of remembrance and renewal, preaching and program suggestions, and recommended resources for further study.

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  1. Here is the link for the 2014 Celebrate the Gifts of Women Resources. http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/all-women/resources/

    by Jomaris DeJesus

    January 17, 2014

  2. I was looking for the 2014 Liturgy and bulletin info for Gifts of Women Sunday for March 9th....and can't find it. Can somebody help me? Thanks, in advance Good Day

    by John Guthrie

    January 13, 2014

  3. Beloved ones, Women's sundays message and liturgy is very useful to our churhh's women's fellowship. We are celebrating women's sunday and seminar on November 16th & 17th.. We belongs to Church of South India , we are also part of Presbyterian church in globaly.. Yours in His Service, Paulus Joseph

    by Paulus Joseph

    October 28, 2013

  4. Pastor Fred Martin, Thanks for the blessings and good wishes. We will be praying for your ministry as well. Please visit our children's resources page: http://webelieve.pcusa.org/we-believe/children/ I hope it helps. God bless you!

    by Jomaris DeJesus

    August 22, 2013

  5. Dear Beloved Servants of Most High God, Much greetings through the saving name of the Lord Jesus Christ! We are a young christian fellowship in Kisii Kenya. We gather in every Week for prayers and worship services and have learned about your ministry work by visiting your website! We are encouraged,motivated and uplifted by the truth you have taught us through your ministry teachings on your website,thank you brethren and may you keep on the good work for the Lord. We hope God has great things in store for you and us and that He will do great things! We hope we will enjoy God’s kingdom as you agree to share and further it with us here on earth! Since we are a young fellowship seeking to know and to live for the truth such as you teach in accordance with the Bible we would like to request you to send us more teachings for our spiritual and daily growth. We believe in God’s power since we rely in His true Bible!It is our hope and prayer that God to open for you a door to come as He may give you direction to lay us and our community at large the foundation truth such as you teach! We hope you will be of blessings to us as you agree with us in the faith! Be blessed abundantly as you labor for the kingdom purposes.also remember the orphans who are under my care are put them at your daily prayers so that they can be blessed and Kindly I request more teachings to assist me to teach this orphan children to grow Spiritually.we will be very happy if I can here from your message. Yours in the Kingdom,Bless us by responding. Pastor Fred Martin

    by Pastor Fred Martin Mokua

    August 17, 2013