Good Friday Service of the Three Nails

This service juxtaposes the readings of Christ's crucifixion with contemporary news accounts to show how the suffering of Good Friday continues, calling us to repent and have compassion. 

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  1. I do appreciate the source material made available for us here n the non christian world ,to be used to communicate the much needed gospel of redemption. Thank you. Grace

    by Rev. K.Piyadasa

    April 10, 2014

  2. sermons are very encourageable

    by Dr.M.VINOD BABU

    March 28, 2014

  3. It will be a first stime for us to try this as a Good Friday Service. We will do Maundy Thursday/Seder meal on Thursday followed by the Tenebrae service of darkness. We have done "Seven Last Words" for the las few years, but this year I would like to try the Service of the Nails. It has been suggested that we have a largewooden cross in front of sanctuary and allow people to come and hammer theirn nail into the cross. I think that would be meaningful...

    by Rhonda Detenbeck

    February 11, 2014